miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

thanks for the mammaries hunt !

una caceria para quien utiliza boobies
son 18 dejo las primeras 10 direcciones

#1 Renee India
Hint: Your hunt gift from Renee India looks like this...

#2 [trs]

Hint: I'm so excited for this hunt I have 'butterflies'
#3 Ellette

Hint: "I need to sit down and relax my back"

#4 A4A

Hint: 2/1 if you have a chalk you need is a blackboard
Hint: 2/2 search in the middle of luck
#5 Beach Buns

Hint: They don't tell Tales here

#6 QE Designs

Hint: Hunts can be soooo exhausting.. have a seat and rest your feet

#7 PatchWork Heart

Hint: Hiding it here will keep it warm

#8  {BoobieLicious}

Hint; MIA

#9  .::Pink Sugah::.

Hint: "are they ALL for me Santa?"

#10  Holli Pocket

Hint: A girl's childhood best friend toy!

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